Sunday, August 9, 2009

I know everyone will be shocked!!!!

I finally am getting around to updating my BLOG!!!!!! LOL

Well, it has been awhile to say the least so to get you updated with my ever so exciting life!!!

The whole month of May with the exception of Mother's day and Memorial day weekend I was working and it went by very fast. When you work everyday there is not much time for anything else to go on. During the month of May my GD was promoted to a senior in HS how can this be! Then the boys my GSs are now officially 2nd graders. The whole month of May I was looking very forward to my vacation the first week in JUne. I treated (is that proper gammar)?? myself to an I phone and I love it but as soon as I got it like 15 days later they came out with a newer faster IPHONE 3 GS so I qualified to upgrade for this wooohooo!! My son took me out on the boat and this was very relaxing made me realize what I was missing working all the time! There is more to life than working! This I found out the month of June.

June : WHOOHOOOO my vacation is finally here! Where did I go??? Nowhere for once I stayed home and it was so relaxing to do this. I went swimming with the kids at my sons girlfriends house. Tan was looking good it is dwindling away now. Hung out with my son and daughter and grandkids alot. Went to a lot of my gss baseball games finally got to see a whole game without haveing to leave to go to work. Even spent one day in Nashville, Mt. Juliet and Lebanon shopping, eating and hanging with BK. FUNN day and some cool finds too!!!! More boating and fishing with the family for Fathers day and caught some nice fish, swimmming and good tan too!!! Not to mention going to HOT RODS ballgames with the family too! GSS birthday party too!! You see June is when the overtime (OT) was finally tappering off. So this is when I discovered I really need to win the lottery and retire LOL!!!

July: Wow had a three day weekend for the 4th of July tried to go to a hotrods game it got rained out for the fourth!! To be continued!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, it is with sad news that I type this note. I have to work all ..........weekend! Come on people don't you know that it is National Scrapbook Weekend and it only comes once a year!! I was suppose to be off on Saturday but when we went in on Tuesday we were informed that we are working all weekend and we are so far behind we are buying cakes from outside sources in Utah!! I hope those people in Utah are working this weekend too!!! No scrapbooking for them either HAH!!!

By the way there cakes are so crappy and greasy to say the least! So I will be there Sat morning and to eat and run as usual.. it is a darn good thing I didn't get my stuff together Tuesday morning like I was going to because I really would have been a lot more upset, but then again I might have found half the stuff I am looking for and my scrap room would have been clean!!!LOL

Well I guess when times are tuff people really eat cake!!! We got an order for 205,000 angel food cakes YEPP that is a lot of angels baking up!!!! Also, we have Mothers day, graduation, Fathers day, Memorial day and just plain old everyday cake eaters too.......I don't even see a day off the whole month of May!!!! You know I should be greatful I have a job in times like these but I am tired people!!!!! My vacation is in June so I have that to look forward too I guess!!!

Happy day to everyone

Hugs Terri

Monday, March 16, 2009

what Bleach can do for u!

Hi everyone!

I was off this weekend for the first time in 13 days!!! I am wore out! I had the grandkids (boys) on Saturday night. I ran around and did errands on Saturday, then I got the boys and ran around a little more! We went to church on Sunday and ate lunch and they went home around 2. Then I had some moments to myself to rest. I was headed out to Walmart and my grandaughter arrived around 5. She started a new job at McDonalds on Sunday night at 7-10. So as you see I did a lot of running around! I need to go back to work to rest!

I have a still messy house, didn't get any scrapbook cleaning or fun time. I got up at 6:30 today to take GD to school and I was supposed to go to gym but I had to come back home to start cleaning the mess!

Looking forward to scrapping this weekend! Card class too! I probably have to work though! Such is life but this girl's body is wearing out quick!!!

Now, if you are wondering about my title here is what happen! I like to make people laugh even if it is at something stupid I did! I had a white shirt notice I said had! It had a spot on it from some spaghetti sauce that had missed my mouth! Well, I washed it with spot remover several times which didn't remove the spot. So, I got this brainstormer that I would bleach spot it! I filled a glass with bleach and dipped the spot part of the shirt to soak!! It soaked is what happened after I washed and dryed it!!!!

The other photos are of the boys sleeping and I had to play the tooth fairy!!! Whew Ethan has lost some teeth I think he said 8 and Nicson has only lost two. This was Ethan's night for the tooth fairy. Nicson had a wiggler he was working on and said he was going to tie a string on it and slam the door!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend even though the weather was crappy!!!!

Hugs Terri

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wow two posts in just a couple days?? Look at what I made!

Just a card I made for a girl at work whose FIL passed away. I loved the verse I found on the internet. I wanted the card to be as pretty as the verse. Hope everyone is looking forward to card classs? I am looking forward to them and cropping as of right this moment we are not working this weekend but who knows that could change.

See everyone Saturday.

Hugs Terri

Friday, February 20, 2009

here is what I been doing!

have been sick and making these little boxes and selling them at work! Ao as soon as I take some in I get orders for more. Altogether I made 40 of them! I am posting a pic of some samples I made. Hope everyone has fun at the fiskars event. I am working both days this weekend hope to see everyone at card class.

Hugs Terri

Friday, January 16, 2009

I should have known it was going to be one of those days!

Well, I know everyone has one of those days were you should have just went back to bed! Today was one of the days for me! It started out when I spilled my coffee on my laptop keyboard! Whew my reactions were fast and I actually saved the computer! Well, then I was driving to work and didn't really feel right so I kept on trying to talk myself into turning around. I decided I would be alright once I got to work. I pulled in the parking lot using the gate keypass and all. I got a great parking spot for a cold day...very unsual. I starting gettin queasy and decided to call in so I could avoid a potential accident. So right there in the parking lot I called my supervisor and told him I was outside and really didn't think I should try working so he said that's fine see you Monday. Great drove back towards home got some medicine and went home. Of course once I got home I started feeling okay ( go figure). I am one that doesn't miss much work even if I am sick.

Now that I am home I decide to utilize my time to clean the scraproom and house, while cleaning I decide to eat a peppermint stick. Well, here is the proof that my teeth were not strong enough to bite down on one! Yep, broke my front tooth! What the h**L am I going to do now. It is Friday night no dentists work on Saturday. Monday is a holiday but I hope my dentist doesn't stay home because I have a tooth to fix and I need it done Monday before I go to work. I can't miss another day. I just got my review and only missed 1 day all of last year!

Da** I should have just went to work and not worried about packing the darn candy sticks for my great nieces and nephews!!! So if anyone needs me I am camping in all weekend with my hand over my mouth! Oh, and by the way don't come by because I am not answering the door! LOL

Hugs Terri aka toothless!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New year, new visions! LOL

I know everyone is tired of seeing the same blog entry so I thought I would get on here and give you something to read! I wasn't into blogging through the holidays! I hope to have big plans for this year- I want to be more organized, detail oriented, more in control of my time and manage it better. I am thoroughly enjoying any time off that I am having during our slow period at work!!! Don't get me wrong I love my job, but I hate working every weekend.

If I can't do any better than this blogging my other resolution is to end my blogging career!!!